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Empowering Widows and Single Mothers for Brighter Livelihoods

Life can throw unexpected challenges at us, and for widows and single mothers, these challenges can be especially daunting. But within every challenge lies an opportunity for growth, and that’s what SAFINA is all about. Our campaign is here to empower widows and single mothers, offering them a helping hand on the journey towards stable and fulfilling livelihoods.

A Tale of Resilience: Widows and Single Mothers

Widows and single mothers exemplify incredible resilience, having navigated loss and single-handedly cared for their families. However, they often confront economic disparities due to inheritance and property biases favoring men. Single mothers also juggle work and caregiving, making financial stability elusive. These remarkable women deserve not only admiration but also the chance to access economic rights that can change their lives.

little HEROES

 A Beacon of Hope for Our Tiniest Warriors

In the world of little ones, every child is a hero with dreams as big as the sky. But for some, the journey is filled with unexpected challenges – battling fatal medical conditions that threaten their bright futures. Our “Little Heroes” campaign is a rallying cry to make a difference. We aim to provide crucial medical aid and support to children aged 0-13 facing these life-altering conditions.


Nurturing Bright Futures Through Education, Sports, Art, and Culture for Orphan

In the hearts of every orphan, there lies a treasure trove of untapped potential, waiting to be uncovered and cherished. Our “Hidden Treasures” campaign is dedicated to this very mission – to provide orphans with a holistic education that not only nurtures their minds but also enriches their souls through sports, art, and culture.

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